Falmouth Field School

design-build/historic preservation

In collaboration with Margot Ferster and Falmouth Heritage Renewal

Part of a student-led design-build team that worked on two projects in the historic port town of Falmouth, Jamaica.

The first project was for Ms. Reid who had reported several break-ins at her home and wanted to bring cool breezes into the living room at night. We designed and built a set of French doors that blended well with the town's historic identity, prevented intruders from reaching their hands around to the inside deadbolt, and had a screened backing to allow air flow. The process involved learning the client's needs, understanding the historic preservation guidelines of Falmouth, several iterative proposals for the client to choose from, and crafting raw cedar in a local mill (sawing, planing, sanding, etc.).

The second project was for Ms. Parchment who owned a women's clothing store in the historic downtown, adjacent to the iconic courthouse. She wanted to have a more attractive storefront with space for friends to congregate at the entrance, shading to prevent sun damage to clothing displayed in the window, and a unique logo.